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Who We Are

Based in Northern NJ, the Urban Farms Shopping Center has 86,000 feet of retail and office space made for growing your business.  Operating as the town center of Franklin Lakes, there is a high volume of foot traffic, giving high visibility to businesses.  The Urban Farms onsite property management team is readily available to assist with tenant concerns, building maintenance and to oversee the smooth operation of the shopping center.  

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About Urban Farms Acquisition

Franklin Lakes Property Management, LLC

​​(201) 848-8800

Proudly working with Urban Farms Acquisition in 2009, the team offers building maintenance and management services for properties.  Our office and maintenance staff is available on premise for tenant needs Monday through Saturday.   


Our mission is to provide customers assurance and professionalism to fulfill their needs of growing their business.  The fundamental parts of our business practice is integrity and ethics, allowing us to grow trust and healthy relationships with our clients.  Catering to an upscale demographic, we carefully consider the synergies between businesses who lease here.  To ensure upkeep of spaces, the property management team is available for tenant needs throughout the week.  

Tenant Directory

Shopping Center Offices

Anatomy 201

Brainstorm Tutoring

Bruno's Custom Tailoring

Cheryl Grogin, LCSW

Clarkston Physical Therapy

Damon Associates

Elizabeth Ellen, DMD

Franklin Lakes Property Mgmt.

G2 Management

Gravy Inc

Market Basket Offices

Pilates Place




​​1 mile radius:

2013 Population                                         6,768

Median Household Income                  $178,941

Average Household Income                $171,787

Total Households                                       2,115

Median Age                                                     45

3 mile radius:

2013 Population                                       48,814

Median Household Income                  $110,904

Average Household Income                $127,496

Total Households                                    17,383

Median Age                                                    45

5 mile radius:

2013 Population                                     204,747

Median Household Income                    $97,634

Average Household Income                $114,781 

Total Households                                     70,947

Median Age                                                     42